Clearing House

The Nevada Prevention Resource Center clearinghouse is your source for more than 1,500 different booklets, pamphlets, posters, and other materials on substance abuse prevention, treatment, and related topics. Publications are provided free of charge to all Nevada residents and organizations. 

Clearinghouse materials are great for brochure racks or to give out at community events, presentations, schools, and health fairs.  The NPRC staff will be happy to help you find materials that best fit your audience and event. 

Because the NPRC is funded through a grant from the Nevada Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency, we are unable to ship large quantities of material to users outside of Nevada.  Users from other states are free to browse the online ordering system and download PDFs, however orders may not be filled.

Bulk materials can be ordered in one of the following ways:

Search Tips for Online Ordering

To see all available materials, sign on to our online ordering system, ROAR.  Once logged in, there are many ways you can search:

  • Keyword – This will search title, description, notes, and resource ID for your term.

  • Advanced Search – This search option will give you more limited results as you can search for a term in just the title or description and you can limit it by audience, substance, language, media type, publication, or topic.

  • Quick Search – The quick search lists all of the categories that an item may be put in, such as language, topic, substance, etc.  If you want materials on a certain topic, such as “Character education,” click on the topic and all items will be displayed.  This is a quick way to find materials on a particular subject.

  • New Resources – The ten newest resources are listed on the left of the screen.  Frequent visits will keep you informed on what is newly available from the clearinghouse.  All new materials in a month are also listed in each issue of the NPRC Update. 

  • Recent Searches – Your five most recent searches are also listed on the left.

You can also search the system without logging in by going to the public search.  The public search allows you to view available materials and download PDFs, however you must login to order materials. 

Of course, if you would like help in determining appropriate materials for your organization or event, you can contact the NPRC staff. We will happily give you advice on appropriate materials for your audience and topic. Bibliographies of available materials can also be created to fit your event.  Please contact us for more information.