About Us

The NPRC is a program in the Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT) in the Division of Health Sciences at the University of Nevada, Reno. Our library collection and clearinghouse facilities are housed in the College of Education’s Nell J. Redfield Learning and Resource Center (LRC) in the William J. Raggio Building, Room 1021. The LRC represents a partnership between the University’s College of Education and the Washoe County School District. The unique collaboration with the LRC has enabled the NPRC to use technology to expand its services and serve more diverse populations in both urban and rural regions of Nevada.

 The RADAR Network in Nevada is dedicated to providing access to scientifically defensible substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery materials, information, and resources to those working in:

  • substance abuse and related fields
  • community coalitions
  • local and state agencies
  • non-profit and other organizations
  • school districts
  • the general public and others in Nevada. 

 The NPRC acts as a substance abuse information clearinghouse and coordinates substance abuse library access and other information services throughout Nevada through eight RADAR Network State Associate Centers and other partners. 

Our History

The Nevada Prevention Resource Center has been funded and certified by the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency (SAPTA, formerly BADA) since January 1998 to disseminate substance abuse information as a RADAR (Regional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resource) Network Center. The NPRC established and maintains the State Substance Abuse Reference Library collection at UNR in the College of Education’s Nell J. Redfield Learning and Resource Center, a fully automated library. The collection has grown from 50 videotapes in 1998 to over 5,000 pieces of materials currently available for checkout.  Materials include audio or video tapes, DVDs, books, CD-ROMs, journals, and kits. The library database can be viewed and searched online from anywhere in Nevada. The NPRC also provided materials and technical assistance to the substance abuse reference library collection at Great Basin College Library in Elko.

The NPRC is the longest continuously serving alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) administrative information dissemination program in Nevada. The NPRC has served as Nevada RADAR Network State Center since 2001 and has six appointed State Associate Centers. The NPRC provides coordination, orientation, technical assistance and leadership for all associate centers. The NPRC plans to continue to develop the RADAR Network in Nevada, by assisting prevention coalitions and regularly collaborating with other organizations and agencies as they provide a variety of services to their constituents.

The NPRC has grown steadily since 1998, when it received 446 requests and distributed 15,643 pieces of material. From July 1, 2005 through December 31, 2007, a total of 1,747 requests were received and 252,439 pieces of material distributed, providing an average of over 58 requests and over 8,400 pieces of material distributed per month. In response to the high demand statewide, the NPRC, in collaboration with CASAT in-house information technology staff, developed the new online Resource Ordering and Reporting (ROAR) system. ROAR was launched in February 2008 and is user friendly, has many new features, and accommodates a large number of users. The new system also allows for access to online and electronic resources, a must for today’s exceedingly electronic society.

The NPRC plans to continue to respond to the growing needs of Nevadans by providing access to the latest and most quality information and materials using new and exciting technologies that are increasingly in demand.


Stephanie Asteriadis Pyle, PhD, CPS, Project Manager

Stephanie Asteriadis Pyle has been with the NPRC since 1998 and provides general administration and oversight of the NPRC. Her master’s degree is in Counseling and Educational Psychology in College Student Development and she has maintained a Prevention Specialist Certification in Oregon since 2001. Her PhD is in Educational Leadership in Higher Education.

She has been a member of SALIS since 1998 and is a Past Chair. She has been a member of CSAP’s National RADAR Network Steering Committee and is a Past Chair. In addition to nearly 18 years’ experience managing the NPRC program, Dr. Asteriadis Pyle was Primary Investigator of a three-year substance abuse prevention grant for the UNR campus and has been Primary Investigator for a series of Problem Gambling Prevention grants targeting senior and currently for university and community college students.

Lacey Ojers, MA, Associate Project Coordinator